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Have I Got a Story for You


So here’s the story:  ISLAND CHILD.  And in case that makes no sense, let me explain what the story is about.  It tells the story of the first ten years of the childhood of Barack Obama.  And in case someone thinks that’s not interesting….or factual….because of a particular political point of view, here’s a quote that might help:  “Everybody ought to read this book….even Republicans!”  And I asked the friend who said that, “even Republicans?!?  Really?”  “Really,” was her answer.  (FYI, this comment came from a lady with a PhD who had been a professor at Syracuse, and was approaching her 85th birthday.  No spring chicken.)  “I know that,” she explained, “because I am one”  (Republican, that is.”


Mind you,  this comment dates back to the first draft of my book, which was 2009, so it may seem a bit dated.  But it still means a great deal to me that she was so impressed by the story.


Tune in for later installments on ISLAND CHILD.  I can regale anyone who reads this blog with all sorts of adventures in writing and publishing….and marketing!….such a book.  OVER AND OUT.