Professional Storyteller Loralee Cooley

Professional Storyteller in South CarolinaIt is easy to forget that the earliest stories and tales were passed on through the oral tradition, with entire villages gathering in public squares, churches and fires to be enchanted by myths and legends from around the world. Traveling bards, minstrels and acting troops began as performers moving from town to town performing the stories of the day, and I seek to continue this rich tradition in all of its artistry and enchantment.

I call my art “storyspinning” – part storytelling and part yarn spinning – and I strive to bring simple words to life, telling classic tales and modern stories that enchant audiences of all ages. Since I started with storytelling in 1977, I have developed my craft and refined my techniques to create unforgettable experiences for scouting groups, university students, summer festivals and even conference and convention attendees.

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