Yukon, OK - 2015 with "mascot" for Spanish Cove Retirement Community.
Yukon, OK – 2015
with “mascot” for Spanish Cove Retirement Community.

Enjoying a story does not have to be a solitary experience: we can enjoy any tale as a community by breaking the silence and letting the words come to life. While our fictional characters perform their daring deeds, it seems strange that we so often passively receive them. My goal is to turn experiencing a great story into an interactive process that incorporates all of the senses, bringing classic and contemporary tales to life as never before.

Through Storyspinning, I rekindle the cherished art of storytelling that has been with us as long as we have created fiction, bringing elements from all of the arts into my performances. Each tale told incorporates music, visuals and the audience, creating a fully immersive and interactive experience that is sure to enchant listeners of all ages and rejuvenate the wonders and joys that come with hearing a great story.


"All Souls Day," on the Papago---now Tohono O'odham---reservation in Arizona.
“All Souls Day,” on the Papago—now Tohono O’odham—reservation in Arizona.

I have spun my stories for audiences across the United States, from Arizona to Virginia, through Oklahoma and Illinois, to Texas, the Carolinas, Georgia and beyond. I’ve told stories to audiences at all age groups and organized interactive workshops to continue the great legacy and time-honored art that is oral storytelling. Learn more about my full range of storytelling options, services and performances below, or contact me today to discuss your specific event needs and plan a truly remarkable and memorable for event for all.