Professional Storytelling & Folklore

Professional Storyteller
Loralee Cooley – Atlanta, GA 1987

Since the dawn of time, humanity has been enthralled by tales and legends told around the fire. From the tales and songs of the earliest bards, to Homer’s Greek heroes, the Brothers Grimm, and even modern children’s programming, the storytelling arts have always enticed the young and old alike, and I work to keep this fundamental human joy alive and well into the 21st century.

Storytelling is not simply reading aloud; it is capturing the voice of a story and expressing it with the full weight and breadth of the complex emotions housed within its words. Stories are told differently every time, but the ability to capture an audience and revive the feelings is a unique form of art. I strive to portray each experience with a realism that people can relate to, allowing them to truly experience a story rather than just hear it told.

From elementary schools, camps and libraries to professional conferences and art exhibits, I work to craft an unforgettable performance that brings tales to life. Explore my site to learn more about me, my past performances and my influences, or contact me today to discuss the details of your event.